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Sources highlight that the firm “is able to handle large and complex litigation and always provides an excellent service.
Interviewees also note: “A special strength lies in their ability to focus on the client’s interest and thoroughly examine any arguments, be it a local or international case.


Our specific training and experience in civil procedure and bankruptcy law allow the firm to offer qualified legal assistance with regard to banking, bankruptcy and commercial litigation.

In particular, we assist banks, even in pool, financial intermediaries and securitization vehicles, with regard to litigation concerning banking law, statutory issues, factoring and leasing contracts and banks liability.

The firm also performs all the litigation activities -active and passive lawsuits- required within managed securitized credit portfolios.

With regard to bankruptcy, the Firm deals with any possible legal issue connected with bankruptcy proceedings, creditors’ compositions and any other insolvency procedures, such as claw back actions, restitutory actions, recourses and appeals.

The firm offers legal assistance with regard to corporate disputes or concerning directors and auditors liability as well as to more traditional civil and commercial law matters such as contracts and subcontracts, lease and sale and purchase of on-going concerns.

Thanks to a strong network of skilled and experienced lawyers, the Firm is also skilled for the legal assistance in maritime, criminal, administrative, tax and labor disputes.