Sources highlight that the firm “is able to handle large and complex litigation and always provides an excellent service.
Interviewees also note: “A special strength lies in their ability to focus on the client’s interest and thoroughly examine any arguments, be it a local or international case.

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Giovanardi Pototschnig & Associati has a particular focus on banking and finance, commercial, and insolvency law.


We have a long-standing experience in assisting industrial and commercial companies of any kind, including listed companies and multinational companies in relation to corporate, commercial and civil litigation, also with regard to those possible responsibilities resulting from their scope of work. Our focus also includes Italian and foreign leading banks with respect to the management of disputes related to customer relations, banking agreements and investment services, as well as those arising from insolvency proceedings. Our experience extends to litigation issues and cases concerning relationships between investors, shareholders and investment fund management companies of any kind.

We thoroughly direct our Clients on the basis of their objectives, paying particular attention to the pre-litigation operations and, subsequently, to the possible advantages of entering into conciliation in the event of a dispute, also by means of negotiation (ADR, alternative dispute resolutions).

In relation to mandates requiring practice areas the Firm does not deal with, over the years we have developed relationships with external professionals and law firms focused on several other areas.

The Partners of Giovanardi Pototschnig & Associati have significant experience in arbitration, both as lawyers and sole arbitrators or members of the arbitration panel, also within procedures subject to institutional regulations, such as those of the Arbitration Chamber of the Chamber of Commerce in Milan.

  • corporate law disputes including actions on the shareholders’ resolutions, the responsibility of the corporate bodies and management discrepancy, the validity and fulfilment of the shareholders’ agreements and extraordinary transactions;
  • disputes relating to the purchase and sale of shares and the related execution, with particular reference to guarantee commitments, price adjustment procedures and exercise of options;
  • lawsuits relating to bank agreements such as current accounts, with particular reference to compound interest and usury, financing, loans, leasing, factoring and project financing, as well as financial services related to brokerage activities and management of securities portfolios;
  • claims for damages and clawback actions, as well as general disputes related to bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings;
  • disputes relating to distribution agreements, sale licensing, franchising, supply and sub-supply;
  • lawsuits relating to procurement agreements with reference to relations between clients, general contractors and sub-contractors, as well as consortiums and temporary joint ventures (associazioni temporanee di imprese – ATI );
  • disputes relating to competition and protection of trademarks, patents and corporate know-how;
  • management of recall campaigns and related disputes, as well as class actions and assistance to companies, including the management of media relations;
  • compensation claims for environmental damage;
  • litigation involving claims and counterclaims related to the management of securitised credit portfolios;
  • lawsuits for defamation by means of media and social networks.