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“The team impresses with its approach to complex negotiations, and draws praise for its “ability to understand the needs of the customer and counterparties and identify win-win solutions.”
“rapid responses and high level of detail.”


Since its beginning, the firm operated in the area of distressed companies and insolvency proceedings.

The firm identifies the most appropriate legal solutions to overcome distressed situations and is reputed a quality advisor in bankruptcy composition with creditors, bankruptcy proceedings and receiverships, providing assistance to distressed companies, debt assignees, financial creditors and other creditors, investments funds specialized in acquisitions of distressed companies or assets, board managers, liquidators, auditors, authorities or other committee appointed within composition proceedings, liability actions, claw back actions, sale of company assets or on-going concerns, suits for damages and credit assessment.

In the restructuring context the firm assists financial institutions and selected companies, choosing the most appropriate legal solution to protect stakeholders’ interest and safeguard company value.
The firm is involved in several debt restructuring deals, with major Italian and international groups and companies, including listed companies.