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Mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts, corporate governance

The firm advises on corporate issues and corporate governance, providing clients with assistance throughout company events and, in particular, with regard to extraordinary deals, with complex structures such as transactions on share capital or reorganizations and transformations of company structure and layout.
The firm assists primary investors and private equity, in merger and acquisition deals as well as in transfers of shares, quotas and on-going concerns.
The firm has extended its expertise to the special situations field, structuring and handling complex transactions involving corporate assets undergoing insolvency or restructuring processes, identifying the best solution to preserve and create value in distressed contexts.

The firm assists clients entering commercial and corporate contracts focusing on the dynamics of negotiations within the market practice of different sectors.
The firm privileges willingness and continuous contact with clients in all of the above areas with much attention to their evolving daily needs, which results in analytical understanding of the underlying business mechanism of each single deal and the identification of the most appropriate legal strategies and solutions, with an eye to potential risks.