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Bank loans, factoring, leasing, securitizations, servicing

We assist Italian and foreign investment funds and servicing platforms in relation to financial and real estate transactions and acquisitions of loan portfolios (performing, UTP and NPL) both throughout the due diligence phase and in the phase of acquisition and structuring of funding and of the management platform.

Following the purchase, the Firm assists the investors in the management of the acquired portfolios along with our litigation department.

The Firm also assists some leading Italian banks in relation to financing and managing relationships with Clients, as well as divestments of non-performing loans by means of individual negotiation or implementation of competitive processes.

  • financing and restructuring transactions;
  • transfer of receivables, including revolving loans, in the interest of the transferor institutions or that of the assignees, within securitization operations for credit or single name portfolios;
  • implementation of the financial structure and issuing of asset-backed securities (ABS); and
  • structuring of management and assistance platforms for servicers with respect to the relations with the supervisory bodies and the management of securitized portfolios