We have chosen two words to represent the way we want to live as individuals and to work in our professional association: “Caring Citizenship”.
We reject social models based on individual or group selfishness and believe in the accomplishment of common objectives by fostering individual dignity in the search for complementarity and diversity integration.

A way to live that has been consecrated by our Constitution, whose Art. 2 reads:

“Republic recognizes and guarantees the inviolable rights of the person, both as an individual and in the social groups where human personality is expressed and requires the fulfillment of the fundamental duties of political, economic and social solidarity”

The result is that each of us should choose what kind of person he or she wants to be:

“Do we want to be cynical, resigned people, stifling other’s hopes, and therefore dead before time, or do we want to be lively, productive people, whose hopes give strength to many others?”

(Abstract from the report by prof. Roberto Mancini, Per una democrazia felice – For happy democracy – presented at the Arché day Live 2014, published in I Quaderni di Arché.)


Fondazione Arché Onlus
Fondazione Dynamo
Associazione La Goccia Onlus

Monsignor Eliseo Coroli
Bragança – Brasile