Erminio Giovanardi was born in Modena in 1884, he was a laical idealist of the Risorgimento, who disagreed with the middle class provincial lifestyle of his family (his father Silvio was a lawyer even if he had never practiced). He was a brilliant student awarded for his results all through his studies; after graduating from law school in 1905 he moved to Milan where he was introduced by an acquaintance, Felice Ferri industrialist in the silk business in Milan, in the law firm of attorney Boniforti where he started working as apprentice, in Via Ancona, close to via San Marco. That’s where he met his peer Luigi Bianchi who would later on become his law firm partner of a lifetime. Erminio Giovanardi left the firm of attorney Boniforti in 1909 after obtaining his qualification as lawyer and decided to start his own law firm in Via Dante no. 4. His friend Bianchi followed him after few years when Boniforti retired and left him his firm, of which there’s still a bronze bas relief plaque.